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Klutz Circuit Clay

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Kids will be able to learn more if they find it fun and interesting. They can absorb new knowledge easier if they consider learning as play. And if you wish your child to build up some interest in science, having them play with educational toys like the Klutz Circuit Clay set may be a step in the right direction.

The Klutz Circuit Clay set will help your kids build up some interest in the wonderful world of electricity. This set will allow kids to play with special conductive and insulating clay. Kids will be able to create figures and sculptures with the special clay that can actually light up. Aside from the clay, the set comes with a 4 AA battery pack, LED bulbs, and detailed instructions for creating up to 15 projects.

Kids can build up different objects that light up with LED bulbs using the two sets of clay, instructions are available on how to connect the LED bulbs to the special conductive clay and how to make use of the insulating clay. The instructions actually help teach kids how to create basic circuits and learn about basic electricity. Once they get the hang of it, kids will be able to build a keen fascination with electricity and will eventually explore other interesting principles about it. Not only that, playing with the Klutz Circuit Clay can also help kids develop their visual-spatial skills, creativity as well as an eye for invention. The Klutz Circuit Clay set is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $22.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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