Kick N Play Piano Gym

Keeping kids active as they grow up is one way to keep them healthy. The problem with most kids today is that they just do not actively play like they did before. Most kids will prefer playing with the tablet or just watch cartoons. It is important for parents to try and keep kids actively moving at an early age. This Kick N Play Piano Gym set will help make that possible.

The Kick N Play Piano Gym is a versatile platform for babies and toddlers. It is able to combine classic gym play with some early piano playing lessons. It is also ideal for any growing child since it can be set up into different modes of play as the child grows up. It starts with Lay & Play mode where the play set can be placed with a baby laying out on the platform. The accompanying piano is set in a way that will allow the baby to kick on the over sized piano keys to activate the music. An upright arch with hanging activity toys such as a hippo teether, elephant clackers, rollerball frog  and a kid-safe mirror can also keep the baby entertained while he or she lies down on the mat. As the baby grows up and learns to lie on his or her tummy, the Kick N Play Piano Gym can be repositioned to have the colorful toys lying in front of the baby. As the baby learns to sit down, the Kick N Play Piano Gym can be set up with the piano now upright for the sitting baby to play with the keys. And as kids learn to walk and move around, they can now take the toy piano along with them to play with.

The Kick N Play Piano Gym is designed to help kids develop their gross motor skills with different activities. It is designed to keep kids active developing physical skills to help them become stronger as they grow. The different colors and music helps develop certain early visual, hearing and basic identification skills. This toy is made for kids from age 0 and above. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $50.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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