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KEVA Catapult

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Model building can be an interesting hobby for kids. They learn how to put together different pieces together to form a particular object. Along the way, they will learn about patience and getting that sense of achievement once they are done with the project. Model building need not be something too complicated for kids to handle. They can just start off doing simple ones, like the KEVA Catapult.

The KEVA Catapult is a good way to start kids off with building model machines. It is not that complicated to do but still provides a good challenge for many kids who would like to try their hand at model building. The set comes with different wooden planks and other parts to allow kids to build a functional catapult. With a little glue and easy step-by-step instructions, kids will be able to complete the KEVA Catapult and try out its functions.

The set comes with pre-drilled wooden planks, wood glue, ruler, rubber bands, leather strap, a cup, 2 balls, fasteners and a target map. Aside from developing their fine motor skills, focus and patience, kids can also have fun with a bit of experimentation using the KEVA Catapult. They can try using different objects as projectiles like a marshmallow or a piece of macaroni and see what shoots farther. They can also learn how to adjust the flight to become more accurate in shooting the target mat. Ideal for kids from 7 years old and up, the KEVA Catapult is available at Toys R’ Us for $25.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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