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Ker Plunk Game

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Fun games need not be the most high tech and the most modern for kids to consider playing them. There are classic games that kids can still enjoy even though they have been around for decades now. That goes to show that fun games do not go out of style all the time. Take for example the classic but Ker Plunk game given a modern makeover.

The Ker Plunk game is a classic game that many kids will find enjoyable and fun. It features a clear plastic tube that kids fill with marbles. Below the tube are crisscrossing sticks inserted through the tube that holds the marbles above it. The main objective of the game is to avoid letting the marbles fall into the different compartments below it reserved for each player.

Players take turns removing a stick and trying to avoid letting the marbles fall. But as more and more of the sticks are removed, it increasingly becomes more and more difficult for players to prevent the marbles from going “ker-plunk”. Play ends until all the sticks have been removed and all the marbles have fallen. The player who ends up with the least number of marbles wins the game.

The Ker Plunk Game is ideal for groups of kids who love a classic game to play with that does not come with complicated rules. The simplicity of the game but with the challenge and excitement adds to its fun element.  It also helps kids develop their analytical skills as well as by developing a steady hand as they try to remove the sticks carefully without letting any of the marbles fall. The Ker Plunk Game is ideal for kids from 5 to 10 years old and is available at Amazon for $7.

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