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Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss

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Many kids today prefer playing video games and watching television shows for fun. This results in many kids lacking in some essential physical activity to keep them fit. However, many parents know that forcing kids to exercise always end up as a lost cause. The best way to do it is by making physical activities fun and enjoyable. Having toys like the Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss can help.

The Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss set offers a fun physical activity that kids will enjoy doing. It involves setting up the numbered timber pins just like in bowling. But this time, the pins are placed in a tight circle. There is a throwing log that kids use to toss into the timber pins from a set distance away. The objective is to reach 50 points by knocking over the needed numbers to reach that score. Going over comes with penalties so players need to be careful of only hitting the necessary numbered timber pins. In a way, the Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss is a cross between bowling and darts.

The Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss comes with 12 numbered timber pins, a throwing log, a wooden carrying crate and detailed instructions on how to play the game. The Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss helps kids get some physical activity as part of their daily fun routine. They will not mind it this time because they will be having fun in the process. The Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss is available at Fat Brain Toys for $45.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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