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KaysCase KidBox Cover Case for iPad

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I find it quite surprising that my friend has iPads for each of them–herself and for her two children. What got me curious, however, is the kid-friendly iPad covers the kids are using. My kids are using my iPad, so its cover is more of “for me” than “for the kids.” I asked my friend what kind of iPad cover her kids have on. She told me it is the KaysCase KidBox Cover Case.

It takes a mouthful to pronounce, but the KaysCase KidBox Cover Case for the iPad puts children in mind with its design. Only the screen and the cameras of the tablet remain uncovered, but the rest of the iPad–including the Home button–are encased in a non-toxic case made of shock-resistant EVA foam. The case makes the tablet withstand normal child usage, like dragging the device across that floor and the occasional accidental drops.

This iPad case can stand up on its own for the kids to watch videos. It comes with a handle located on one of the iPad’s sides, which can be used to carry the tablet around like a handbag.

the KaysCase KidBox Cover Case is compatible to most iPad models, beginning the iPad 2 up to present. You can choose from these attractive colors: Pink, Orange, Black, Blue, and Lime Green. It is now available on Amazon and other retailers, starting at $49.99.

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