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Kanoodle Jr. Game

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It helps to encourage kids to solve puzzles at a very early age. Not only will it help them develop their mental capacity in problem solving, it will also help prepare them for learning other skills later on. Parents should always try to encourage kids into doing puzzles by making it look fun to do. There are toys that can help in this area like this Kanoodle Jr. Game.

The Kanoodle Jr. Game is an exciting puzzle for kids that involve arranging some puzzle pieces. Kids have six large puzzle pieces to arrange into a game board according to what the challenge card provides. Kids slide the challenge card into the game board and then start to arrange the puzzle pieces according to the color placed on the challenge card. There are 60 challenges that kids need to complete and solve, giving them a lot of challenges to try out.

Kanoodle Jr. Game is specially designed for younger kids to help them start off liking brainteaser games. From the challenges, down to the design of the game set, they are all ideal for kids as young as 4 years old. The game pieces are large enough for smaller hands. The challenges are easy to understand and play with. The game set is also designed for portability so that kids can easily bring them along just about anywhere.

The Kanoodle Jr. Game helps kids develop their visual-spatial reasoning, logic and problem solving. It also helps them develop their critical thinking and fine motor skills. This game is a fitting introduction to kids on the world of fun puzzles and brainteasers. This will lead them to look for other more challenging puzzles that they can try solving. Their journey to discovering the solutions certainly will help build their confidence. Ideal for kids from 4 to 7 years old, the Kanoodle Jr. Game is available at Fat Brain Toys for $15.

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