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Kanoodle Genius Puzzle Game

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Many kids love to solve puzzles. They love the challenge of solving puzzles that others find difficult to do. It takes a special kid to take on mental challenges and puzzles. If your kid is looking for that next puzzle to solve, the Kanoodle Genius Puzzle Game may provide him or her with various challenges to solve.

The Kanoodle Genius Puzzle Game set features seven five-connected colored spheres that players can stack or place side by side on a platform base. It may look easy, but the challenge comes when one is already playing with the puzzles. There are around 200 puzzles to solve that begins with 2D pentagons to advanced puzzles like creating 3D pyramids. The puzzles are enough to give your brain a total mental workout. The Kanoodle Genius also comes with a traveling case to make it easy to bring along just about anywhere. It is also accompanied by an 86-page full-color puzzle book with instructions. The game helps develop a child’s spatial reasoning skills and cognitive function. The Kanoodle Genius Puzzle Game is designed for kids from 8 years and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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