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Kaleidograph Pattern Design Toy

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Kids may have interests in different things. My kids, for example are fascinated with toys that allow them to move around and be active. There are also other kids who prefer playing with toys that allow them to build things. There are also others who prefer creative activities such as art. For those kids who are with the latter group, this Kaleidograph Pattern Design Toy will certainly be such an appealing toy to have around.

The Kaleidograph Pattern Design Toy is an interesting toy for kids who wish to explore the wonderful world of colors and art. It is unique in that it fosters creative thinking in a different way. Instead of kids drawing or painting, the Kaleidograph allows them to construct different kaleidoscope-like arrangements in different ways. It helps them explore the realms of color and geometry together.

The Kaleidograph Pattern Design Toy comes with 12 beautiful die-cut cards 5 x 5 inches each. These are thick precision cut cards with different patterns of different colors. They are double-sided to give kids added choices. The kids can arrange and put together the different cards to create striking kaleidoscope-like images. The cards can be stacked, flipped, and rotated in different ways to create different colorful patterns. The toy set comes with instructions on how to create 81 colorful designs to start with. Once done, kids can try out their own imagination and creativity to create other wonderful geometric color patterns of their own using the die-cut cards in different ways. The Kaleidograph Pattern Design Toy promotes creative play and exploration in kids. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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