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Jump Zone Sky Chute

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Kids love to play with toys that can go high up in the sky. It is even better if it takes some effort to get such toys to fly. From toy airplanes to toy rockets, kids have a different level of excitement every time they have the opportunity to send things flying high up. To help introduce kids to such experiences, the Jump Zone Sky Chute may be a good choice for a starter kit.

The Jump Zone Sky Chute is a unique rocket launching kit that will allow kids to let a rocket go high up in the sky. It is safe enough for kids as young as 5 years old to play with. The rocket blasts off to great distances high up in the sky by means of air pressure.

The Jump Zone Sky Chute comes with a tripod launch pad, a launch tube, a connecting hose, an air stomp pad and a parachute rocket. Kids place the rocket on the launch tube after setting the tripod. They can then connect it to the air stop pad by means of the connecting hose. Every time kids stomp on the stomp pad, the rocket launches into the air. Once the rocket reaches the peak height and starts to go down, the parachute is deployed and slows the rocket’s descent.

The Jump Zone Sky Chute is a fun toy that can also teach kids about cause and effect. Setting up the toy set for a rocket launch also helps develop their gross motor skills. With this type of toy ideal for outdoor play, it also helps keep them fit by means of fun, physical outdoor activities. The Jump Zone Sky Chute is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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