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Jumbo Jamboree

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Toddlers can be fascinated by a lot of things. Some kids are fascinated visually, seeing different things in different colors. Others become interested in sounds, their fascination heightened by anything they hear. It is always good for parents to try and nurture this interest as the child develops. Toys like the Jumbo Jamboree can help.

The Jumbo Jamboree is a toddler toy that offers kids different ways to interact and explore sounds, shapes and colors. This toy elephant is just more than a type of animal parents can introduce to the toddler. It comes with wheels that triggers different actions when the kids move the toy around. Whenever the wheels turn, the elephant’s tail hits the drum, spring-powered hammers hit the bell and its tambourine ears twitch to create sound. This combination of sounds will surely delight the kids.

But that is not all, the Jumbo Jamboree can also become musical instruments. Just take the drumstick out from its top slot and the toy elephant disassembles into a drum, harmonica and bells. The ears also snap off to turn into tambourines. With different ways to play, the toddlers will surely love having hours and hours of musical fun with the Jumbo Jamboree. It helps kids develop their fine motor skills, cause and effect as well as their early musical learning. It is ideal for kids from 1 year old and above. The Jumbo Jamboree is available at Fat Brain Toys for around $33.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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