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Jellycat Stuffed Animals for Kids

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As everyone knows there are many developmental benefits associated with stuffed animal toys for children. Not only the kids are getting used to their sense of touch, but they also learn the value of empathy. How our children take care of their plush toys may reflect on how they treat other people when they get older.

I personally find many creative ways that animal toys may be used to assist in the developmental success of my twins. And I have found one of the softest, most lovable stuffed toys known by the name Jellycat. 

Jellycat stuffed animals are designed in London. They make different animals with different designs and they keep adding new stuffed animals to their line. From the traditional Bashful plush toys to the Cordy Roy animals with courduroy-like surface.

Although Jellycat is relatively new in the industry, it opened in 1999, it has garnered fans from around the world because of its high-quality plush toys that can be considered collector’s items.

I just got two Jellycat Bashfuls black and cream puppy (pictured) for my twins.  I have to say the quality, softness, and design of these fluffy puppies are worth every penny. The colors are rich and the plush is extremely well made. 

There are many Jellycat stuffed animals for every child like monkey, bunny, puppy, kitten, teddy bear, lion, zebra, giraffe, elephant, duck, lamb, hippo, donkey, and much more. The stuffed animals come in extra-large, large, medium and small sizes.

You can find Jellycat stuffed animals at Nordstrom stores, Yoyo.com and Amazon.com.

Image Source: Amazon.com

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