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Janod Hedgehog Puzzle

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Kids can have an easier time learning if it is fun and enjoyable. If kids can relate fun with learning, then they will like to do it more often. Educational toys are really important in a child’s development years. Toys like the Janod Hedgehog Puzzle will help keep kids engaged in learning activities.

The Janod Hedgehog Puzzle is a wooden puzzle set that can teach kids about numbers and colors. It can help develop color recognition among kids as well as teach them how to count. This toy features a base designed in a shape of a hedgehog character. On its body are round holes with numbered dots in them. There are also ten numbered wooden pieces in different colors. Kids can learn to place the different pieces into their corresponding holes. It helps kids learn how to identify the numbers and count the dots to complete the puzzle.

The Janod Hedgehog Puzzle also helps develop the kid’s hand and eye coordination as they try to move and place the wooden pieces into the holes in the puzzle. This puzzle toy is designed for kids from 18 months to 3 years old. It is available at Smart Kids Toys for $25.

Image Source: Smart Kids Toys

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