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Jammin’ Beats Drum Set

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Musically inclined kids know their tendencies right even when they learn to walk. Some babies are attracted to what they see all around them. Some babies prefer sound and music. If you have a musically inclined baby, then you can have him play with this Jammin’ Beats Drum Set.

The Jammin’ Beats Drum Set can be your child’s first drum set. Kids only need to move it in order to activate the sound and the lights. Kids can tap the drum face with the rattle to activate the music. It helps stimulate a child’s curiosity and develops his different senses. The Jammin’ Beats Drum Set is also designed to be an ideal toy for kids from 3 months and above. It is also designed in a way to adjust as a kid grows. Kids can start playing with it as they lay flat on their stomach. It can be adjusted as the child learns to sit down and play. Later on, kids can bring it along where they wish to play as they learn to walk and go around. The Jammin’ Beats Drum Set is a great toy for kids who love to follow the beat of their own drum, so to speak. It is available at Fisher Price for $15.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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