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Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake’s Talking Spyglass

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As I was considering what I would buy for my daughter, I thought to myself that I should also buy a toy for her twin brother. I don’t want to end up having children who are jealous of each other. I remembered that my boy’s favorite cartoon is “Jake and the Never Land Pirates,” so I used that as a starting point, as it is like such a successful animated series has merchandise for kids. One of the suggestions is this piece of talking spyglass.

Jake’s Talking Spyglass, made through the partnership between Fisher-Price and Disney, lets your child recreate their favorite scenes from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Put on the included headband, keep the Never Land map handy, and search the vast oceans (or just the living room).

Pull the eye piece section to fully extend the “Pirate Scope.” This spyglass also “talks” with the press of a button, uttering phrases as spoken by Jake, telling you to spy on his arch nemesis Captain Hook. Captain Hook would even pop out of the viewfinder at random and would even utter a few phrases of his own if you press the button.

Makes me wonder how my son would fight Captain Hook when he encounters the villain pirate. And it gives me a bright idea to come up with a pirate ship made of big boxes. That would be cool.

Jake’s Talking Spyglass requires 3 “AAA” batteries and is suitable to children age 3 to 6 years. It is now available on Amazon for a listed price of $19.99.

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