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Invento RC Hot Air Balloon

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Flying machines are interesting toys for kids and adults alike. They become even more fascinating if the design is something that kids have not seen yet. They may have seen a hot air balloon or a helicopter flying by. Both are so common that they will not always get a second glance. But having the Invento RC Hot Air Balloon flying toy machine will certainly do.

The Invento RC Hot Air Balloon is not really a flying balloon in its strict definition. It is more of a helicopter in terms of its flying concept. But its unique design combines the flying methods of a helicopter and a look of a hot air balloon. Yes, it is actually an RC helicopter encased in a hot air balloon shell, which acts as a protective barrier for the spinning propellers. It helps kids fly the toy without the worry of damaging it.

The Invento RC Hot Air Balloon features twin propellers to make it hover in the air. A metal balance bar and built-in gyro helps keep the flying machine easier to maneuver. It is also a brilliant thing to fly at night as the whole balloon shell is lighted up with LED lights, making it brightly visible. The Invento RC Hot Air Balloon can fly for up to 8 minutes for every 30-minute charge. The controller provides fully directional controls and features three channels, allowing users to fly three balloons at once. It requires 6AA batteries for power. The Invento RC Hot Air Balloon is designed for kids 14 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $37.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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