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Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

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One of the most fascinating moments on Earth is the life cycle of the butterfly. It is astonishing to witness now caterpillars turn into chrysalis and emerge as beautiful butterflies.

You can either see butterflies in the wild or in butterfly farms, but you can view their astonishing metamorphosis right in the comfort of your home.

The Live Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore is a mesh butterfly habitat that children ages four and up can enjoy as they take care of five live caterpillars, watch them transform into chrysalis, and come out as Painted Lady Butterflies. Kids can feed the butterflies with sugar water and release them into the wild.

But the caterpillars do not come with the box. This educational kit includes a mail-in coupon, which you send away for five caterpillars. These insects arrive at your doorstep inside a special clear container, complete with caterpillar food.

Let your children watch the caterpillars eat, grow, and become butterflies in a span of two to three weeks. Note to keep the caterpillars away from direct sunlight. Insect Lore guarantees that at least three caterpillars will grow into adult butterflies.

It is also advisable to mail-in the caterpillar coupon during warmer weather, when temperatures are above 55 degrees, so you can experience the joy of releasing the butterflies into the wild. Although you can receive caterpillars during colder seasons, you could only keep the butterflies inside the habitat for the rest of their lifespan, which is between two and four weeks.

Additional mail-in certificates are available for order, but you could save a lot of money by allowing the butterflies to mate inside the habitat before releasing them.

Insect Lore’s Live Butterfly Garden is available in Amazon for a listed price of $24.99.

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