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Imaginext Ion Crab

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Imaginext is a type of toy set that allows kids to go on a role-playing adventure. Ever since it was introduced, this toy set from Fisher Price has expanded from castles and fortresses to alien spaceships and robotic creatures. It has helped many kids broaden their imagination and creativity as they role-play. One example of such toys is the Imaginext Ion Crab.

The Imaginext Ion Crab is a unique and interesting toy for kids to play with. When kids start to role-play as explorers of alien worlds, a unique form of transport is needed. Kids will have a fun time making up space adventure stories while playing with the Imaginext Ion Crab. This toy is a robotic crab with six legs that moves as kids push it. The unique walking action provides an interesting start to an alien world adventure.

The Imaginext Ion Crab also comes with an alien figure that drives the crab-like space cruiser. The figure fit into the seat on the Ion Crab and also comes with a removable helmet and ray gun. Kids can add the toy to other Imaginext space toys to create an even more interesting adventure. The Imaginext Ion Crab is designed for kids from three to eight years old. It is available at Fisher Price for $8.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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