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Imaginext Alpha Explorer

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Kids love the idea of going to space. That is why some kids love to become an astronaut someday. They love to imagine what the experience would be going inside a spaceship and travel in space. While we parents know better, we should still let our kids’ imaginations run free while they are young. You can help them by having them play with the Imaginext Alpha Explorer.

The Imaginext Alpha Explorer play set is a unique spaceship any kid would love to play with. Kids can have lots of space exploring adventures and engaging activities. The play set comes with an astronaut figure, a spaceship and launching base. The spaceship base comes with a launching pad for the spaceship. Kids can release the spaceship from the base by turning on the lower activation disk that also serves as the platform for the astronaut. After doing so, kids can play with the spaceship separately as it goes to space. A lever on the spaceship extends its wings for flight. There is also a button that plays sound effects and phrases when pressed.

The Imaginext Alpha Explorer also comes with weapons to defend against incoming asteroids or enemy spaceships. There is a moveable projectile cannon on the base and on the spaceship. This play set comes with many engaging features that kids from three to eight years old will have fun playing. The Imaginext Alpha Explorer is available at Fisher Price for $32.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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