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Ignition Series Electric Fan

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As kids grow, they begin to find different things quite interesting. Over time, they try to pursue this interest and try to learn more about them. For some, an interest in electronics or electricity may come early. There are kids who love to know more about how electricity works and how it runs things. These kids may become future electrical or electronic engineers. Even if they do not, parents should try to nurture this interest by providing toys that double as learning tools. For kids with an interest in all things electric, this Ignition Series Electric Fan science kit will be fascinating enough.

The Ignition Series Electric Fan science kit will teach kids how to create a working electric fan. Kids can discover how electric motors work and learn about the different components needed to make an electric fan. The science kit also helps kids understand the different principles that make it work. A fully illustrated guide provides instructions to make building the electric fan easier.

The Ignition Series Electric Fan kit comes with a motor, propeller, LED light, resistor, three contact springs, a switch, three wires, and a circuit assembly board. Building the electric fan from scratch will help develop a kid’s fine motor skills and interest in scientific learning. Completing the project will also give kids a sense of accomplishment in making the electric fan with their own hands. The Ignition Series Electric Fan is an ideal kit for budding scientists from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $15.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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