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How To Read A Story

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Kids love to hear a good story. In fact, they would love their parents to tell them a good one all the time. Stories are not just about the words. It can also be told in pictures. This is what the book How To Read A Story wants kids to know.

The How To Read A Story is a fun to read book that comes accompanied with lively pictures to complement the reading experience for the kids. It tells a story of a kid who is in search of someone to read a story with. Basically, the book will teach kids how to read a story and how to effectively do it in ways that will have an effect to an audience, whether it is family or even pets. This picture book helps kids see the value of telling a good story. The book also helps develop an interest in reading and books among kids. The How To Read A Story book is available at Fat Brain Toys for $17.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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