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How To Let Kids Pick Colors On This Pen, Like Magic With Mozbii

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Kids love to color. Their fascination usually brings them to drawing and exploring the world of colors around them. But the children may also be able to do more than just looking at colors- they can also try to play with them. Aside from crayons, kiddie paints and colored pencils, kids can also try this new Mozbii Stylus Pen for a change.

It is a color picking stylus that can capture the colors from the real world. Kids can then apply the color to an app on a tablet to use for drawings on the app. It is like having one pen that can hold a number of colors. The stylus can detect over 65,000 different colors.

The Mozbii Stylus Pen is ideal for use by kids who love to use their tablet as a digital coloring book or canvas. The free app will allow them to do this. Not only that, the interaction with colors will enable the child not only to learn them but also to associate the colors with real world things. The fact that kids can also transfer the same color into an associated app makes such activities fun as much as it can be a learning experience. The Mozbii Stylus Pen works with both iOS and Android tablets and is ideal for kids from 3 years old and above. It is available at amazon for $100.

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