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Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System

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Toy cars have come a long way. Maybe you may not have been aware of it. But remote controlled cars today are more advanced than they were before. There are new toy race cars like the Hot Wheels AI that can actually think.

The new Hot Wheels AI is a new toy racecar that allows kids to engage to something similar like a slot car race but with a twist. The new Hot Wheels come with a small built-in computer inside that allows it to think. The AI makes the Hot Wheels stay inside the track that kids can design however they want. The set comes with a pair of Hot Wheel AI racecars, two controllers and 20 pieces of track. Arranging the track in different configurations allow kids to race in different track scenarios. The Hot Wheels AI themselves with recognize the boundaries of the track and stay on it when played on auto drive mode. Kids can also forego the track and play with the Hot Wheels AI racecars off track with a touch of a button. Kids can have full control when they would love to play with the toy car and have fun maneuvering it around the house.

With the Hot Wheels AI, kids can let the two cards race each other AI vs AI. Kids can also play racing against an AI racecar on the track. There is also a practice mode that allows kids to gun for the fastest time around the track. No matter how they play it, kids will certainly love to play with the Hot Wheels AI. It is expected to be available around October just in time for holiday spending. It is expected to cost around $100 for the racecar set.

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