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Home Depot Weed Trimmer Toy

by dennis

Kids usually are fascinated with those adult tools that may not be that safe for kids to play with. But the inquisitive minds of kids can sometimes get the better of them, sometimes finding a way to handle such tools which may contain sharp objects. It may be for this fascination with tools that Toys R’ Us has come up with a Home Depot Toy Tools lineup designed especially for kids.   One of the newest ones to recently come out is this Home Depot Weed Trimmer.

The Home Depot Weed Trimmer is an attractive toy that is based on an actual weed trimmer but with more lights and sounds. A press of a button would get the engine sound to start. Squeezing the trigger on the toy weed trimmer will activate lights and sounds that would be a fascinating spectacle for kids. The Home Depot Weed Trimmer is part of an early educational introduction to real-life tools for kids. Getting their hands on a safe toy replica of an actual weed trimmer would give them a better insight of how they work and what they are being used for. The Home Depot Weed Trimmer Toy is available at Toys R’ Us for $27.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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