Highway Buddy

Kids love to go places in many different ways. They like to walk to get somewhere. Some like to run. Others like riding a scooter while others dream of riding a bike for the first time. These are just some of the things that can make toddlers and young kids excited about the different possibilities. For something that kids will want t ride, the Highway Buddy may be something they will welcome with open arms.

The Highway Buddy is a unique toy that presents kids with different ways of going places. First, it is a balance bike that young kids can ride as an early introduction to learning how to ride an actual bike. And when kids get tired of that, the Highway Buddy can transform into a stand-and-ride scooter. All it needs to transform from a balance bike into a scooter is a push of a button. A twist of the bars and then snapping it into place will do the trick. The rubberized wheels offer strongly grips the pavement for more stable rides. The handlebars are adjustable to suit a kid at any height.

The Highway Buddy is exceptionally strong and well constructed to ensure that kids can ride it in relative safety as a balance bike or as a stand-and-ride scooter. The Highway Buddy helps kids develop their gross motor skills, their coordination and their penchant for active play. It is ideal for kids from 3 to 5 years old. The Highway Buddy is available at Fat Brain Toys for $99.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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