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How To Keep Your Little Sailor Happy With This High Seas Rocker

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Some kids have this penchant of knowing what they would like to be at an early age. But it is mostly about the influences they have during the early stages of development. Sometimes, their choices also can change as they gather more information and other influences at the grow. But it is also helpful of parents can help nurture these choices if they think it is best for their kid. For kids who are showing a growing love for the sea and dream of becoming a sailor someday, this High Seas Rocker may just be the toy to help nurture that dream very early in their development.

The High Seas Rocker is a special wooden rocker designed to look like a typical personal boat that kids can ride on. Kids only need to get into the seat of the rocker and hold on into the sturdy wooden handles. Kids can then literally “rock the boat” back and forth, all the while imagine riding the waves as they travel through the vast ocean in their minds. The High Seas Rocker is designed not to capsize when kids try to rock it to its fullest. Bumps are fixed on both ends of the boat to make sure that it does not overturn or capsize.

Playing with the High Seas Rocker can help kids develop their gross motor skills, coordination as well as their creativity and imagination. It is already an ideal rocker for one year old’s and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $86.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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