Hexbug Robotic Battle Spider

Kids love robots, especially those that they can control all over the place. Humanoid robots aren’t just the type of robots most kids love to play with. Robots designed to mimic certain animals can just be as fun, especially if they are similar to the Hexbug Robotic Battle Spider.

The Hexbug Robotic Battle Spider is a robot designed for some fun battles. Kids can pit their own robot against another in a battle for supremacy. The spiders can turn 360 degrees and can move about quite easily with its six robotic legs. In the battleground, the robots will try to shoot each other using their infrared lasers. Each robot comes with a LED eye that helps it keep track of the opponent. Kids also use the remote control to move the Hexbug Robotic Battle Spider and put it in a position to win. A direct hit of the laser causes the robot to stay stunned for a second. Kids can continue scurrying and shooting each one until one robot gets ten direct hits, after which the robot will shutdown to indicate defeat.

Playing with the Hexbug Robotic Battle Spider will encourage kids to develop their hand-eye coordination. It will also help give them firsthand experience at some cooperative and imaginative play. Each robot requires five watch batteries, three for the robot and two for the remote control. The Hexbug Robotic Battle Spider set already comes with two spider robots and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $50.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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