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Hexbug Lighted Aquabot Jellyfish

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Many kids would love to take care of a pet. But parents should always realize that doing so will require some level of responsibility on the part of the child. Even a nice goldfish in a fishbowl will require the child to find time to clean, feed and care for the goldfish. And when your kid may be too young to accept such responsibilities, there are also other ways for kids to get the same experience with pets, but without the responsibilities. You can get him or her this Hexbug Lighted Aquabot Jellyfish.

Although a jellyfish may be quite a unique choice for a pet, your kid will surely be fascinated with the Hexbug Lighted Aquabot Jellyfish. It is a robot toy that moves, swims, and acts just like a real jellyfish. It swims inside an included tall tank just like a real jellyfish with its own tentacles and all. A ducted impeller motor inside the robot jellyfish makes this possible. Sensors make it detect motion that can turn it on. It also has a timer that makes it fall asleep after three minutes to conserve power.  A tap on the tall tank of moving the water will be enough to turn the robot jellyfish on.

The Hexbug Lighted Aquabot Jellyfish also comes with pre-programmed swimming patterns that gives it a more realistic swimming action that does not repeat over and over again. And when it is taken out of the water, the Hexbug Lighted Aquabot Jellyfish automatically turns off. It is an ideal introductory pet for kids who like to have one but may not yet be old enough to act upon responsibilities as a real pet owner. Even adults will love to have it for a pet just for the very same thing. The Hexbug Lighted Aquabot Jellyfish is ideal for kids from 3 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $27.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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