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Hexbug Battle Spider

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Robots are no longer just for adults. There are now advanced robot toys available in the market that kids can play with. And mind you, these are not just simple toys using crude movements to mimic what kids think as robots. There are now robotic toys that use complex movements and other features that make them interesting even for the big boys. Consider the Hexbug Battle Spider that many boys nowadays will like to have as a toy.

The Hexbug Battle Spider is a unique robot toy in that it moves with its own mechanical legs. The robot is remotely controlled and can be used to do battle with another Battle Spider. The robot spider comes with side-mounted laser blasters for weapons. Players can maneuver the Battle Spiders well, as it can spin 360 degrees as it moves and aim for each other. An LED light serves as the spider’s eye and guides the players which direction the laser blasters are pointed. This will help them target the other combatant easily.

When the Battle Spider has aimed at its opponent, players only need to push the trigger button on the controller to fire the laser blaster. A direct hit is made when the enemy Battle Spider lights up in red and recoils realistically with the hit. The battle goes on until one Battle Spider gets ten hits and automatically shuts down. The Hexbug Battle Spider requires five button cell batteries to work. It is designed for kids from 8 years old and above. One Hexbug Battle Spider and a controller costs $33. You need two Battle Spiders to engage in interactive play. These unique robot spiders are available at Fat Brain Toys.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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