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Hexbug Aquabot

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It may no longer be unusual for kids to see robots as toys nowadays. There are now robot toys that walk, dance and even fly. But certainly, there are only a few robots kids are aware of that can swim. This makes the Hexbug Aquabot a very unique toy for kids to play with indeed.

The Hexbug Aquabot is a unique kind of robot in that it can swim and maneuver in water. It looks like a fish with a transparent plastic body that allows kids to see how the parts inside work as the robot swims. The tail moves and serves as the robots means of moving around, just like how real fishes do it. It can change direction as it swims, making it look like it is a real fish. Kids can place it in a fish bowl or pool and watch it swim.

The Hexbug Aquabot is available in ten different colors. You can choose from either a clownfish or a shark design for a robotic pet. The Hexbug Aquabot is designed for kids from 3 years old and above. It is available at the Hexbug site for $10 per robotic fish.

Image Source: Hexbug

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