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Hex Hive Puzzle Game

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Unique puzzles help kids become more mentally sharp. Puzzles also help hone their problem solving skills. There are kids who just cannot get enough of puzzles to solve. The Hex Hive Puzzle Game can be a nice addition to a young puzzle fan’s collection of puzzles to solve.

The Hex Hive Puzzle Game combines a bit of math and creativity in solving puzzles. Kids use a Hex Hive as the base for the puzzles. There are also challenge cards that come with numbered cells. Kids choose one card and slide it into the clear view Hex Hive to solve the puzzle.

To solve the puzzles, kids make use of different honeycomb tiles to place into the numbered tiles. The tiles come in varied shapes and colors. The objective of the puzzle is for kids to try and place the honeycomb tiles over the challenge cards. They leave the tile on the puzzle if the numbers visible through the tile add up to seven. Kids can proceed with using the right tile for the remaining numbers to solve each puzzle.

The Hex Hive Puzzle Game features 10 transparent honeycomb tiles, 10 40 challenge cards as well as 2 bee blockers to cover numbers for puzzles that require them. The puzzles vary in terms of difficulty levels. The Hex Hive is an ideal game for kids from 8 years old and above to try. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $22.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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