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Hatchimals May Be The Hottest Toy This Season

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With the holidays upcoming, parents are eagerly looking into buying new toys to give as gift to their kids. Most usually look what popular and what most kids today would like to have as holiday presents. With a lot of candidates for the best toy this season, it seems that so far, the unique Hatchimals may be standing out on top of the heap.

The Hatchimals seems to be the rage among kids nowadays. Its popularity is continuously rising as it is getting harder and harder to getting these toys for the holidays as they are fast selling out. These egg-shaped toys are so named because kids have to take care of them until they hatch. It is a fascinating toy that helps teach kids about responsibility and patience, traits that can prove useful as kids grow up. It starts as an egg that kids need to take care of. It can already interact with the kids when the egg shell is tapped and hear a heartbeat when placed close to the ear.

Soon after, the Hatchimal will slowly peck its way out of its shell and turn out to be a pet that kids have to nurture as it grows and learns. It also goes through the stages of baby, toddler and kid. The kids will know its stage as it will sing “Hatchy Birthday” at the start of each one. Kids can also teach it to walk, dance, to play games as well as repeat any word or phrase.

The surprise of what comes out of the egg also adds to the appeal of the Hatchimals. When it hatches, the Hatchimal that comes out can act as a kid’s pet and companion. Kids will also learn the value of patience and responsibility as they try to take care of it through its various stages. It is a fun toy that many kids would want to have as a fitting present this coming holidays. The Hatchimals is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $70.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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