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Happy Atoms Science Kit

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It is important for kids to develop an interest in science. This interest will help in their development in trying to know more about the world around them. Once they do, it will also help build the foundation for them of becoming future scientists. This Happy Atoms Science Kit can do just that.

The Happy Atoms Science Kit will help kids understand and learn about the world of matter from an atomic scale. Atoms are tiny that most kids will not know about them if parents only talk about them. With the Happy Atoms Science Kit, the kids can have a means to “see” the building blocks of the universe.

The Happy Atoms Science Kit is a set of atom models  of 16 different elements. The atoms magnetically connect to each other and teaches kids how each atom connects to each other to form molecules and then elements. Aside from the atoms, the metal tips represent free electrons. The magnetic spots  represent the empty spaces where the electrons can attach in the atom’s outermost shell. Kids can experiment and connect the different atoms in order to create different molecules.

The Happy Atoms Science Kit also includes an app for smart devices to help kids identify the atoms. The app also provides detailed information regarding 120 of the most important molecules, including usage, properties, structure and formula. This science building kit helps kids develop a strong understanding and appreciation of chemistry. It also helps encourage scientific exploration. The Happy Atoms Science Kit is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $145.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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