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Hammer & Saw Tool Bench

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Creativity is something that is innate in kids. But as they grow up over time, they gradually lose this ability as they being to learn about rules and limitation in doing things. But parents can help develop this by nurturing the kid’s apt for creativity by giving them toys that help enhance and improve it. Toys like this Hammer & Saw Tool Bench.

The Hammer & Saw Tool Bench introduces kids to common tools that people use to build and construct things. They even get to use them safely as the toy tools do not come with sharp edges. It also comes with a tool bench where kids can safely do their work. The set also comes with building pieces that kids can try to put together using the different tools. Kids can learn how to hammer the pegs into the bench. They can also learn to saw some pieces apart while attached together with Velcro-like fasteners.

The Hammer & Saw Tool Bench are made out of wood. It also comes with other tools like a screwdriver, wrench and clamp along with 26 wooden pieces to put together. The set also comes with slots for holding the tools and storage for the holding parts. There are also guides to help kids build different things such as a house, robot, boat and an animal. Kids can also get creative trying to build what they have in mind.

The Hammer & Saw Tool Bench helps kids develop their creativity as well as their fine motor skills. They can also develop their matching, sorting and counting skills as they start to build something. This toy set is ideal for kids from 3 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $27.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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