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HABA Doorway Theater

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Many kids are natural entertainers. It may be due to their active imagination and developing creativity. Many kids like to role-play in different ways. Some kids do it by using puppets and creating stories with such characters. Parents can help provide a stage for their budding entertainer by setting up the HABA Doorway Theater.

The HABA Doorway Theater is an easy to set up portable curtain puppet stage for the small puppeteer. Parents can set it up with an adjustable curtain rod that fits into standard doorways. Additional rods help keep the curtain straight and taut. The doorway theater comes with a castle design with polka dot curtains that can be tied back to provide the stage for a puppet show. The durable polyester curtain is washable and can be set up at an ideal height for small kids.

The HABA Doorway Theater can help your kids develop many skills in a fun and entertaining way. It can encourage kids to develop their imagination and storytelling skills. Using puppets can also help the kids learn how to role-play. It is ideal for kids from 2 years old and above. Setting up the doorway stage may require parental assistance. The HABA Doorway Theater is available at Fat Brain Toys for $46.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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