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Gyrobot Play Set

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There are kids who are fascinated not by those usually toys that many kids play with. What interest they have are placed on toys that tickle their curiosity. Some kids like to understand and learn about the many interesting things and tinker around with them. Toys like the Gyrobot Play Set will surely give kids many hours of tinkering fun.

The Gyrobot Play Set is a toy building set that features the interesting gyroscope as the main building block. Many kids may not know about it, but once they see how it works, they become fascinated and would want to learn more. This toy building set will help introduce kids to the world of gyroscopes and how they can be used for fun building projects.

The Gyrobot Play Set comes with 102 different pieces that they can use to build 7 different gyroscopic projects. They can start with building a gyroscopic robot that can stand upright on just two wheels. They can also make a gyrocompass, a personal vehicle, gyro horizon, and other interesting and fun building projects. The Gyrobot Play Set comes with a 24-page instruction manual to guide the kids in their building projects. It is designed for kids from kids 8 years old and above. It is available at Think Geek for $45.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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