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Guess Who Board Game

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Nothing brings excitement to games more than some mystery to solve. Some kids just love trying to solve a mystery or puzzle. Even adults can get in on the fun. What is a better way to have fun solving mysteries than with the classic Guess Who Board Game? It is simple and yet can provide the same challenges for young and old alike.

Guess Who is a classic game of trying to guess the mystery character of your opponent. It comes with three decks of cards- two sets of small cards and one set of mystery face cards, all containing 24 wacky characters with striking characteristics. There are also two plastic game boards to place the small cards into. Game starts with placing the same number of similar characters into the plastic holder boards. Each player then takes a card from the mystery face deck. Players then will try to guess the mystery face card of the opponent by asking “yes” or “no” questions. Players need to be creative when asking questions in order to eliminate the usual suspects on the board and try to use it to guess the mystery character. The first one to guess wins.

The Guess Who Board Game is fun and easy to play but with challenges that appeal to all ages. Kids as well as adults will like playing this classic mystery game. Kids as young as 6 years old can try to play this game of mystery. It will also help them develop early critical thinking, logic and practice their memory and facial recognition skills. The Guess Who Board Game is available at Fat Brain Toys for $18.

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