Grow With Me Piano

It helps to discover what your kids love to do at a very early age. They already display hints of what interests them by the time they have fully developed senses to explore the world around them. Some babies tend to like what they see around them. Some become more interested in what they can hear. If you discover that your baby’s interests seem to veer towards hearing different sounds, this Grow With Me Piano will always be a good play companion.

The Grow With Me Piano is an ideal toy for toddlers showing early signs of musical inclination, although that may be a bit stretching it. It is a toy for kids who love to listen and play with different sounds. The toy comes with piano keys that offer different play modes. Kids can play with the keys to make sounds. The toy can also play animal sounds as well as a mode that allows up to five minutes of continuous play of music along with dancing lights. The Grow With Me Piano also provides different modes of play as the child grows, from lying down to learning how to sit up. The toy can be adjusted for different play positions. The Grow With Me Piano helps stimulate the child’s senses and helps encourage a child’s musical creativity. Ideal for kids from 6 months and up, this toy is available at Fisher Price for $21.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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