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Groovy Girls Dolls Princess Seraphina

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Groovy grils seraphina

I bought this Groovy girls doll for my 3-year-old daughter because she loves princesses. She has a lot of fun playing with it.  She loves to sleep with it because it is very soft and easy to cuddle. Groove girls dolls are also small enough to be easily put into a suitcase for a trip. It is important to say that nothing on these dolls can rip off and stick in her mouth.

This is the third groovy girls that I buy for my daughter.  This one is her favorite one because it’s look like her.  Each Groovy Girls character has a unique look expressed in her hairstyle, skin tone and outfit. This collection encourages girl’s sense of self-identity and individualism. The ages for these dolls are 4-9, and these will make any little girl happy.


I will definitely going to buy more groovy girls accessories to go with her collection.


You can find the Groove girl collection at   Manhattantoy.com 

Image Source: amazon.com

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