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Gro Garden iPad App

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It seems that our kids nowadays are more attuned to using our portable devices than we adults can. With this in mind, we parents may have in our hands a device that can be used not just for kid’s entertainment but also for learning. You can give kids the type of education that they can enjoy. If you wish to educate your kids more about plants and how to grow them at an early age, you can have them play with the Gro Garden iPad app not just for fun but to learn as well.

The Gro Garden iPad app is one of those popular edutainment applications coming out from the App Store. Kids will find this app fun to play with as a game. It offers a fun way of teaching kids how to grow plants organically and learn about sustainable farming. It teaches kids different environmental issues to keep them more aware of their surroundings.

The game starts with Connie the Compost and her friends the Micro organisms who start to create soil for planting. The more they produce nutritious soil for the plants and trees they live under, magical things start to happen. In the process, fruits and vegetables grow and are harvested. Kids can then start feeding the animals in the cottage. As more plants grow and harvested, players get to collect cool items, good food and badges as a prize for each progress. The Gro Garden iPad app is designed for kids from 4 years old and above. It is available at the App Store for a $3 download.

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