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Griffin Technology Moto TC Monster Truck

by dennis

Remote controlled toys are quite appealing to play with. Having cars run or race via remote control can be exciting and fun. Griffin Technology just made it even more exciting and unique as well by integrating the use of tablets and smartphones as the primary remote control for its new Griffin Moto TC Monster Truck.

The new Moto TC Monster is a unique remote controlled toy truck in that it uses an iOS device via Bluetooth in order to go from here to there. Users need to download the Monster TC app from the App Store for free in order to make their iOS device a virtual remote control for the Moto TC Monster truck. There can be several ways that players can control this new rugged monster truck inside the home or even outdoors.

One option that players can use to control the Moto TC Monster is by using a virtual steering wheel and throttle to move the truck. They can also use the accelerometer of the iOS device by tilting it to move the truck to a certain direction. Others may prefer using a sliding motion across the display in order to guide the monster truck to a chosen direction. Tracks can also be pre-set so that the monster truck can follow a certain route especially of it runs on a continuous loop.

The Moto TC Monster from Griffin Technology is built tough with a high clearance chassis connected to knobby tires equipped with four-wheel independent suspension. The truck is powered by its own 4.8-volt 600mAh NiMH battery pack. This unique remote controlled monster truck is now available at the Griffin Technology online store for US$60.

Image Source: Griffin Technology

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