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Griffin Survivor Extreme-Duty Military Case for iPad

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My son loves my ipad.  He’s pretty good to play with all apps I uploaded for him and his sister.  But, he broke it 2 times last year because he dropped it on the floor by accident.  I was lucky to have AppleCare protection plan to replace the ipad he broke by a new one each time.  But, last fall I decided to invest in a really good, shock resistant ipad case.

I did a lot of research and got the Griffin Surviror GB02480.  This is the best ipad case to get if you have young children that like to play with your ipad. Survivor is built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock absorbing silicone. It covers all the ports such as the sleep button, headphone jack, volume switch, lock, charging port, and more.  All this coverage protects it from drops to a hardwood floor, concrete or other hard surface.  Finally, the screen protectors protects from dirty fingers and any liquid.

This case is tested and certified to meet or exceed US Department of Defense Standard. Griffin’s Survivor Military-Duty Case is designed from the inside out to protect your iPad from extreme conditions: dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration and a host of other environmental factors.

After installing the case, it does add weight to your iPad.  Personally, the weight makes it grip better, specially for young children’s. Overall, this is a great ipad case. It’s bulkier than other case, but you get a great protection for your ipad.  I highly recommend this product. It is by far the best protection I got and believe me, I tried several other ipad case before this one.

Image Source: amazon.com

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