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Graphic Skinz Design Studio

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Kids love to decorate their things. You see them drawing something out of their bags, room walls or even t-shirts to give them a personal touch. While parents are not likely happy when their kids do this, it helps to give them other ways to practice their designing skills. This Graphic Skinz Design Studio might help.

The Graphic Skinz Design Studio helps kids provide interesting graphic designs and skins to different objects and toys. Kids can learn how to customize even 3D objects using the available graphic skins as well as the motorized vacuum chamber. It is also easy to operate and apply the skins.

The Graphic Skinz Design Studio comes with 3 customizable objects to start off kids into their designing project. They can use the wet sponge to apply water into graphic skins carefully placed on an object. Once done, kids can wrap the moistened sponge into the object and then place it into the battery operated vacuum chamber. As the vacuum removes the air from the chamber, the graphic skins gradually attaches to the object securely, giving it a different and unique look. The studio set comes with a detailed instruction sheets for reference on proper graphic skin application.

The Graphic Skinz Design Studio comes with 30 graphic skins with colorful and unique patterns. In case kids have used them all up, there are also a wide range of Model Design Packs to customize and Skinz Refill Packs to try out. Kids can learn to get creative while playing with the Graphic Skinz Design Studio. It is available at Amazon for $45.

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