Gonge Riverstones

Many kids love taking on adventures. It may not necessarily be the grandest, as long as they have fun and enjoy the experience. Kids can even have the best adventures while at home. Parents can help them realize this by providing them with toys that bring out that adventurous spirit in them. The Gonge Riverstones can surely help pave the way for them by literally becoming their path to adventure.

The Gonge Riverstones help kids imagine an adventure by a rushing river side. It is a set of angled platforms of different sizes and colors where kids can hop, skip, and walk easily from stone to stone, just like when they are doing it in the river. The Gonge Riverstones come in a set of 3 large stones and 3 small stones that feature gripping ridges and with different angles. Each stone features a rubber edge at the bottom to ensure that the stones will not slip when kids hop or skip on to them.

With the Gonge Riverstones, kids can imagine playing among the river rocks and hopping from one stone to the next. They can do this in the safety of their home and with lesser the risks. Kids can even play a round of musical stones where a group of kids need to find a large stone to stand on every time the music stops. This type of game can help kids develop their balance and coordination as well as improve their gross motor skills and weight-transference ability. The Gonge Riverstones is ideal for kids from 2 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $63.
Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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