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Glowing Chemistry Kit

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Experimentation is part of every child’s learning. It also helps promote a mindset of discovery and exploration among kids that helps them become more fascinated about the world around them. Giving kids with tools to help them discover about exciting scientific fact and principles will help them develop some growing interest in what they can know and learn. Things that glow will certainly be a good place to start. You can help kids discover more about chemical luminescence by giving them this Glowing Chemistry Kit.

The Glowing Chemistry set is an experiment kit for kids to learn more about chemical luminescence. It features 22 experiments that will help make the mystery of all things glowing become clearer. The kit comes with a 48-page instruction manual that also contains detailed scientific explanations and examples to help kids learn more about chemical luminescence. The experiments are easy to follow and the kit comes with the ingredients and equipment that they will need to perform most of them. There are certain items or ingredients not included that kids can source out from what they have at home.

The Glowing Chemistry Kit helps encourage kids to develop scientific learning, logic and enhance their fine motor skills. This chemistry kit is ideal for kids from 10 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $33.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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