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Glitzi Globes Showcase

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Many kids are fascinated playing with those glass snow globes. They are globes of glass with a home setting or characters inside that also contains snow-like particles that fall slowly inside the globe when you shake it. Kids love to watch the snow falling endlessly in a magical setting that can sometimes set a kid’s imagination into high gear. But aside from those glass snow globes, kids will even have some added excitement if they are given an opportunity to create their very own snow globes to play and collect. That is what the Glitzi Globes Showcase can offer.

The Glitzi Globes Showcase is a unique toy set that allows kids to create their personal glittery globes. Kids can design and create globes that they can collect and show to friends. The Glitzi Globes Showcase also provides a means for the kids to organize and show their finished globes to friends and family members. The Glitzi Globes Showcase comes with materials to allow the kids to design and create 4 globes along with one larger snow globe. The toy set comes with a showcase area where kids can place their completed globes. Kids can also have different fun characters to include inside the globes. There are over 30 Glitzi Globes characters to collect, giving kids the means to develop their designing skills and creativity while building up a collection of Glitzi Globes. This unique toy set is available at Toys R’ Us for $27.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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