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Getting A Kick Out Of The New Arrow Smart Kart

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Our world may be slowly moving from fossil fuel to electricity. With gas guzzling cars causing pollution and electric cars slowly taking center stage, it will just be a matter of time before everyone may be transitioning to electric cars. It pays to start early. That is why even kids may not have the new Arrow Smart Kart to try out.

The Arrow Smart Kart from Actev Motors is a speedy electric go-kart that comes with nifty features. It is powerful enough to go as fast as 12mph, speeds that are good enough for kids. And since go-karts that fast can also come with risks, the Arrow Smart Kart is equipped with smart features that make it a safer drive for young drivers. In fact, this electric go-kart was designed with the safety of the young drivers in mind as much as for its racing fun.

The Arrow Smart Kart comes with a collision sensor mounted in front of the go-kart to avoid collisions and head-on crashes with other karts or objects. One other safety feature is that the Arrow Smart Kart can connect with an iPhone or an Android device through an app from where parents may be able to adjust and limit the go-kart’s speed, range as well as other features to further ensure safety. Kids can start learning driving the go-kart at slow speeds. When the kids begin to start getting the hang of driving and learning better control to avoid obstacles, parents can decide to increase the top speed the Arrow Smart Kart can reach.

When it comes to limiting the go-kart’s range, the Arrow comes with sensors that support geo-fencing. By virtue of its built-in GPS tracker, the Arrow Smart Kart can detect its location. And with the geo-fencing features on, parents may be able to limit just how far the go-kart can go. The Arrow Smart Kart will automatically turn off once it breaches the geo-fence barrier.

The Arrow Smart Kart is designed for kids from five to nine years old. It is currently available for pre-order at a cost of around $600. That even becomes a more affordable option for something that can lead the kids to enjoy driving at 12 years old. The Arrow Smart Kart is expected to be shipped to the early customers by summer of this year.

Image Source: Actev Motors

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