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Get Growing! Greenhouse

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Plants are fascinating living things. It is no wonder why kids can find them interesting as well. There are kids who would like to take care of plants rather than pets. Parents can also try to develop this love for plants early by giving them the Get Growing! Greenhouse kit.

The Get Growing! Greenhouse kit from International Playthings is a miniature gardening set designed for kids. It allows them to start growing a sunflower as well as a bean as their early start in plant cultivation. Kids can then keep track and monitor the growth of their plants as they sprout and grow. The set comes with a portable greenhouse that can accommodate three flowerpots for cultivating the plants. The greenhouse comes with a trough on top that leads to drip-drop hoses that slowly waters the plants placed below it. Kids only need to put water into the trough to make this self-watering greenhouse work.

The Get Growing! Greenhouse comes with an easy to assemble 10-piece greenhouse, 3 pots, 3 seed packets, a shovel, a sticker sheet for labeling plants, a Seed Growth Chart to monitor plant growth, and a full-color booklet that contains instructions on how to cultivate the plants as well as facts and answers to several scientific plant questions. The Get Growing! Greenhouse is currently available for pre-order at the International Playthings site for $15.

Image Source: International Playthings

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