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GeoSafari Phonics Lab

by dennis

Naturally, kids learn to read little by little. This means they start to learn the basics of the alphabet and then proceed to understanding the combinations of letters. Having tools to help them learn the basics may make the job easier and lets them learn faster. For those kids who are just starting to learn the basics, the GeoSafari Phonics Lab will help them discover a fun way to read.

The GeoSafari Phonics Lab is a fun educational toy that teaches kids the basics of the alphabet and learning to read small words. It has over seven interactive reading games to make learning fun for kids. There are over 500 3-letter words for kids to learn using the different tools included with the toy. It comes with 20 colorful sight word cards, a 28-page lesson book.

The GeoSafari Phonics Lab has games that kids will find interesting to do as they learn about the alphabet. Kids can sing along with learning the alphabet. Kids can also learn to discover sounds of the alphabet by lighting up the letters. They can also learn to distinguish the letter by guessing the right letters via the sounds that the toy makes. Kids can also learn to spell almost any 3-letter word by playing with the GeoSafari Phonics Lab again and again. The toy is designed for kids 3 years old and above and is available at Amazon for US$46.

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