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Geometrics House

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Girls love to play with doll houses. They especially love arranging each room and design how they will look like. For many girls, this can help develop their knack for creative design of visual spaces. This Geometrics House can provide them with creative ways to design unique rooms using unique shapes.

The Geometrics House is a unique type of doll house that feature different rooms for kids to design and arrange. They do not merely change the room interiors by rearranging the different furniture. The Geometrics House also comes with three separate structures that act as the rooms. These wooden structures come in different shapes aside from the square ones to provide kids with different and unique room configurations to design. Kids can build unique structures aside from the rooms. Along with the different play figures, kids can have hours and hours of fun planning and setting up the rooms.

The Geometrics House comes with three wooden room structures in different shapes, a rectangle, a triangle and a right trapezoid. There are also several furniture pieces to place in each room. Two play figures provide the characters living inside the structures. The Geometrics House helps kids develop creativity through imaginative play. It also helps improve their fine motor skills as well as their geometric learning. This unique doll house is ideal for girls from 3 years old and up. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $60.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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